CAMP (First & Only in Nepal) - The only extensive checkup of the whole body which includes cancer markers for prostate cancer, cancer of gynecology organs, liver cancer and gastro-intestinal cancer.
CAMP Covers:

Routine Blood test (Total blood count, differential count, hemoglobin, erythrocytes sedimentation rate)
Routine Urine test with urine sugar and albumin
Routine Stool test
Fasting Blood sugar
Lipid (cholesterol) profile
Renal (kidney) function test
Liver function test
Serum Uric acid
T3, T4, TSH - thyroid function test
Blood grouping
Hepatitis B
Gamma GT (the only test to identify the effect of alcohol on the liver)
Electrocardiogram - ECG
Echocardiograpy - ECHO
Stress (exercise) ECG - TMT
Pulmonary Function Test - PFT
Ultrasound of abdomen - USG
Chest X-ray
Pap smear and gynecologist consultation for females
Physician’s consultation
Surgical consultation for males
Prostate specific antigen (prostate cancer) for males
CEA for GI cancer
AFP for liver cancer.

When are these tests done?
These tests are done every day, including holidays 7am onwards. You should not have taken any food for at least 8 hours before these tests.

How long does it take?
Just 2 hours. Reports will be ready by the next day.

Prior appointment is necessary in order to make your stay at APC efficient and as short as possible.

News & Events
APC started to implement JCI
APC has started to implement JCI (Joint Commission International) guidelines and clauses for international standard healthcare and patient safety. We have set our target to get accredited by 2012, which will make APC the only polyclinic in Southeast Asia with such accreditation. read more>>

ISO 9001:2008 Certified
APC is now ISO 9001:2008 Certified, which makes us the only polyclinic in Nepal to be ISO certified. This certification gives us a mandate to work even harder in order maintain the required international standard and for the satisfaction of our patients. read more>>

Pokhara Branch Opening soon
Following our mission to make world class healthcare available to every Nepali, APC is expanding itself by opening its 1st branch in Pokhara on January 2010. Located in New Road, the heart of the city of Pokhara, APC will start providing world class healthcare to the people of Pokhara very soon. Patients will no longer need to travel to Kathmandu to enjoy the international standard healthcare. read more>>

“7th Jan 2010-APC celebrated its 2nd Anniversary. In 2 years APC achieved to become the only ISO 9001 certified, more than 10000 patients’ database, more than 99% of happy & satisfied patients, more than 600 executive health check ups. APC is growing & expanding its services to Pokhara. Credit of APC success goes to all of YOU, our Patients, APC team of staff and doctors. Thank you to all our staff and patients for their effort and trust. We will not only continue to provide World class healthcare, but we will continue to expand our services all over the Country and continue to improve ourselves and become true healers of Art of healing!”