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Want to play tennis or golf at the age of 75?
EHP covers whole body test. The most popular preventive health package in ADVANCED POLY CLINIC. Undergoing this test regularly is a key to long and healthy life. Just like taking your good vehicle to regular and routine servicing to make sure it serves you well for a long time.

EHP Covers:
1. Routine Blood test (Total blood count, differential count, hemoglobin, erythrocytes sedimentation rate),
2. Routine Urine test with urine sugar and albumin
3. Routine Stool test
4. Fasting Blood sugar
5. Lipid (cholesterol) profile
6. Renal (kidney) function test
7. Liver function test
8. Serum Uric acid
9. Blood grouping
10. Hepatitis B
11. Gamma GT (the only test to identify the effect of alcohol on the liver)
12. Electrocardiogram-ECG,
13. Echocardiograpy- ECHO,
14. Stress (exercise) ECG- TMT,
15. Pulmonary (lungs) Function Test- PFT,
16. Ultrasound of abdomen- USG,
17. Chest X-ray,
18. Physicians consultation,
19. Surgical consultation for males,
20. Gynecology consultation for females.

When these tests are done?:
These tests are done everyday including holidays 7am on wards.
You should be fasting (empty stomach) for at least 8 hours.

How long does it take?
Just 2 hours. Reports will be ready on the same day.

Prior appointment is necessary in order to make your stay in APC as short as possible and efficient.
Total Cost: NRs. 7485. Package rice: NRs. 5500. (US$ 90.00 for on line payment)
To Support World Heart Federation on the occasion of World Heart Day APC provides 10% discount till 28th September 2008: NRs. 4950 (US$ 81.00 for online payment)

What is on line payment?
On line payment is specially developed for those who live outside the Country and want to take care of their parents or dear ones living in Nepal. On line payment is done on our website though Pay Pal. All major credit and debit cards are accepted.

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